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SUNDAY 28TH JULY 2019 - 09:30AM


What time does the Fort William Marathon start?

The race is due to start at 09:30am

Is there a time limit for the Fort William Marathon?

Yes. The time limit for completing the Fort William Marathon is 7 hours, and you must have reached the Commando Monument (just before mile 12) within 3 hours.

Has the route been officially measured?

No. Under the UK Athletic rules, multi-terrain routes cannot be measured accurately enough to be officially measured. However, we estimate the course to be approximately 26.21 miles.

Are there toilets on the route?

Yes. There are toilets at the Nevis Range resort, and there will be some portable toilets along the route.

Are there water stations on the route?

Yes. There are water stations on the route, but due to the terrain of the course, they are not equally spaced. Visit the course page for their positions.

How do I get to Nevis Range?

Our Travel page has directions for getting to Nevis Range as well as contact details for all of the major service operators.

Are there shower facilities for after the race?

Yes. There are two showers at Nevis Range. Showers cost £3.00 to use.

I’ve already entered the marathon. Can I still order merchandise?

Yes. We have a selection of items available in our online shop.

Is this the same as the Lochaber Marathon?

No. The Lochaber Marathon which was hosted by the Lochaber Athletic Club, was retired in 2014. The Fort William Marathon is independent of the Lochaber Marathon. It takes place later in the year, and follows a new multi-terrain route.


2015 Finisher
Commando Memorial
2015 Finishers with medals and t-shirt

“The aid stations were perfectly placed and well stocked with amongst other things a bountiful supply of High5 gels…”

Sunday 31st July 2016